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Service / performance and service offer

Services related to building technology / technical building equipment

We round off our expertise in all trades in technical plant engineering with a tailor-made service in every phase of your property's life.

Turnkey building equipment from a single source

  • Building technology / technical building equipment (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitary)
  • Electrical engineering
  • Fire protection

Project planning

  • Planung aller Innen- und Außenelektroanlagen bis 10 kV incl.
  • Planung haustechnischer Systeme
  • Planung der Sicherheitssysteme (Brandschutz, Alarmanlagen)
  • Abstimmung mit den staatlichen Aufsichtsbehörden


  • Installation of indoor and outdoor electrical systems up to 10kV.
  • Assembly of technical systems
  • Installation of security systems

We will maintain, maintain, repair and continuously optimize your entire technical building equipment after completion in the further life cycle of the system.

Technical maintenance, upkeep and repair

  • of indoor and outdoor electrical systems up to 0.1 kV
  • of building services systems
  • of electrical systems
  • of fire protection systems


Use our knowledge of the local conditions

Mastery of logistics is absolutely essential for building projects in the Russian Federation to meet the deadlines. The reason: builders are faced with frequently changing requirements and constant changes in the law.

Logistics as customer service

  • project-related material definition
  • Purchase / procurement of high quality material
  • Export / import processing
  • local storage of materials
  • Transport handling

Construction management and coordination of construction work

As a general contractor, we also offer cross-disciplinary coordination of construction work. This minimizes costs and time. For this, ELCON has effective concepts in its repertoire that are constantly refined and optimized.

Time-saving all-round service

ELCON LED employees are trained in dealing with international and local laws and regulations, technical regulations and applicable regulations. We therefore offer our customers time-saving all-round service:

  • Processing of administrative procedures
  • Application and annexing of permits
  • Negotiation and consultation with energy producers
  • Adaptation with government agencies


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